🚨 RIVER ADVISORY: Know before you go with the latest on flooding and other water related advisories 

Notice: River and Water Advisories

June 22, 2023


The Fountain Creek is expected to rise over the next few hours and poses a significant danger of flooding along the river. The Pueblo Police Department and the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office are working in conjunction to ensure the safety of those camping along the river.

Please avoid hiking near the Fountain Creek trails currently including the La Crosse walking bridge over the Fountain Creek. The bridge is located off La Crosse Ave near Stockyard Rd along the walking trail. Due to the rising waters, the bridge is not safe to cross.

Sections of Overton Rd in north Pueblo County were flooded and some culverts were washed out. Pueblo County Road and Bridges crews have been busy working to repair the road. Avoid the area. Avondale Boulevard between Hwy50C and Hwy50B is closed due to flooding. Fields in Eastern Pueblo County are covered in water.

Do not drive into standing bodies of water, especially in low-lying areas under bridges, as there is a risk of submerging your vehicles.

June 15 ,2023


Recent spring runoff and heavy rain have resulted in dangerous and cold-water surges on the Arkansas River below the Lake Pueblo State Park dam. River currents in the area are fluctuating dramatically due to a combination of heavy rain and snowpack runoff from the mountains. This unusual combination has led to heavier than normal releases from the dam, causing water levels to jump significantly. For your safety, we strongly advise everyone to exercise extreme caution and avoid the area for at least a week until the river advisory is lifted and flows return to normal. Fishermen are especially reminded to wear life jackets along the banks.

Since Monday, water released from the dam has surged at a rate of 3,365 cubic feet (25,000 gallons) per second, creating intense whitewater conditions. Prior to the surge, water was being discharged at a rate of only 200 cubic feet per second.

Moreover, the spring runoff has resulted in water temperatures near 58 degrees this week, which is far below the safe range for swimming. Please be aware that hypothermic shock can set in within minutes, causing your body to cramp up.

Your safety is our utmost priority. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and avoid the area until conditions improve. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses





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